Supply Chains Explore The API Opportunity With Orderful’s EDI Software

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Case Study

EDI data is an integral part of the buyer and supplier relationship. It has been around since the 1970s and is not going away any time soon. However, it does have its shortcomings, here are a few:

  • Suppliers must often build point-to-point integration environments, which is a tedious and time-consuming process.
  • Traditionally, EDI data files are sent via communication channels, like a value-added network (VAN). However, data isn’t validated until the receiving party picks it up, which can take hours or days to resolve.
  • EDI data may not be encrypted when it moves through communication protocols like a file transfer protocol (FTP) or value-added network (VAN).

Orderful’s EDI software is a modern solution to these drawbacks, giving suppliers more control and visibility into their supply chain transactions. By moving your data into a single API, you can programmatically control your EDI data.

To read the full article and interview with our CEO, Erik Kiser, click here.


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