Supply chain agility will separate retail leaders
from losers

Per NRF, the pressure among retailers to rethink their
supply chain strategies for competitive advantage has
never been more acute.


Orderful’s Cloud EDI Platform helps retailers increase their supply chain agility

Retailers can build an agile supply chain and massively simplify their EDI infrastructure with Orderful and its pre-connected network of manufacturers, carriers, 3PLs, etc. Simply connect your business once to Orderful and trade EDI with your network.

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EDI onboarding of your suppliers is our mission

EDI integration is a key enabler of digital transformation for retail supply chains. However, it has traditionally been very costly/complex to set up and cumbersome to maintain. With Orderful’s Cloud EDI Platform, you can now leverage the potential of retail EDI trading without the usual headaches.

Orderful lets you leverage the potential of EDI trading without the headaches. With Orderful’s Cloud EDI Platform, you can:

Publish and enforce your EDI guidelines

Enable suppliers to enable an integrated EDI relationship with you through self-service.

Enable suppliers to trade through webforms.

Manage all of your retail EDI trading partner relationships in one place.

Reduce costs to onboard and trade EDI data.

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