We Solved EDI, So You Don’t Have To

Let’s be honest, nobody loves EDI, but we need it. After decades of working in EDI and facing all the challenges and frustrations first-hand, we decided to build a better way. We built the best EDI platform in the world. Connect once and get everything your business will ever need for EDI, without the hassle.

01Integration assistance
01Integration assistance

Easiest EDI integration

Orderful’s Cloud EDI Solution provides an aggregate integration experience across any trading partners and any transaction. Integrate once to the Orderful API and access trade with any supply chain partner immediately.

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02Guidelines validation
02Guidelines validation

Test EDI in minutes

Orderful’s validation engine immediately tests your data against the requirements of your partners. Unlike other providers who only validate data against the x12 standards, Orderful’s Cloud EDI Software tests your data against your trading partners' specific requirements and gives you real-time information on what needs to be fixed in your transaction.

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03rules engine
03rules engine

Resolve issues in seconds

Our AI powered rules engine enables you to see where you could be facing EDI compliance issues with your partner and solve problems in real-time. Simply click a button to get a suggestion on your transformation. You can also write complex rules to solve for any transformation challenge you might face.

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The fastest growing EDI network

The Orderful Network hosts and maintains over 10,000 guidelines, communication channels, and testing scenarios for your immediate access. Everyone using the network can access a Trading Partner once it is published. The Orderful Network is constantly growing, and adding a new trading partner takes less than a day.

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02Customer Stories

Best Customer Success in the Industry

NFI Logo

“With Orderful, we routinely set up new partners within less than five days. Much of that is because so many partners are already in Orderful’s network, which makes it easy to establish new connections.”

David Broering photo
David BroeringNFI, President of Integrated Logistics
  • results
  • < 5 days To onboard new trading partners
  • 90% Reduction in onboarding time
  • 30% Faster time to market with EDI trading partners
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“We have reduced onboarding time by 50% with Orderful. If we’re not moving loads, we’re not making money. Orderful gives us the real-time data and notifications we need to keep everything moving.”

Jim Bruckert
Jim BruckertEDI Team Leader, KBX Technology Solutions
  • results
  • 100% partner self-service onboarding
  • 50% decrease in time to onboard
  • 70% reduction in EDI onboarding efforts
Grosfille Logo

“Orderful has helped Grosfillex drive an 83% reduction in customer onboarding time. We decreased onboarding time from six months to one month and is confident it can achieve further reductions.”

Jim Berger photo
Jim BergerIT Manager, Grosfillex North America
  • results
  • 100% eduction in partner customizations
  • 83% reduction in trading partner setup time
  • 28% reduction in EDI costs overall
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"With Orderful, we’re up and running—and generating revenue—within a week. If we didn’t have Orderful, we would probably have half the number of clients we have today.”

John Kuhlmann photo
John KuhlmannPresident, Heartland Logistics Group
  • results
  • 5 days to onboard new customer
  • 100% growth in client base
  • 0 additional headcount
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How You Can Move Forward

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Orderful customers, on average, are trading 81 days faster than before

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