Seven Ways To Clearly Communicate Complex Tech Issues

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Part of the job is to help other leaders understand the technology you are looking to implement through clear communication. The sooner they understand what you are dealing with, the easier it will be to get the buy-in. Whether that’s the resources you need to complete the job, or take other needed actions to help the company.

I was fortunate to be one of the Forbes Technology Council members that explored techniques for clearly communicating with other departments about complicated tech issues. I discussed the importance of role clarity.

“As a leader of a high-growth startup, it’s important that all of my direct reports have role clarity. Role clarity is probably the most important thing because it allows people to then understand how they should be prioritizing important versus urgent items. It’s important for my leadership team to be able to determine on their own what is important and urgent. One way to get alignment on priorities is to review a roadmap. I make all of my direct reports create a roadmap that tells the story of their next 90 days. We review this monthly and if they are good at understanding their important items, the initial version of that roadmap doesn’t really change.”

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