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Case Study

The EDI experts at Doppio Consulting Services have spent the last seven years building solutions and solving EDI-related problems for Fortune 500 retailers and suppliers. Doppio now offers Orderful—an innovative cloud product (EDI as a Service) that eliminates the complexities surrounding EDI.

Orderful is built specifically for suppliers looking to increase order volume and distribute through new retailers but find themselves lacking a scalable technical solution for managing orders and onboarding new trading partners. Erik Kiser, CEO of Doppio, explains: “Our customers come to us because they know they need to increase orders, but the technical limitations of their current EDI solutions are preventing them from doing so. Orderful solves this problem for them so they can grow their businesses.” By streamlining electronic communication between suppliers and retailers, Orderful makes it simpler than ever before for suppliers to focus on growing their business. “We’ve packaged everything we know about EDI into Orderful to provide the best possible solution for our customers,” said Kiser.

We’ve packaged everything we know about EDI into Orderful to provide the best possible solution for our customers


Kiser and his team built Orderful to address several major challenges associated with EDI for suppliers. There is a real need for suppliers to quickly and seamlessly add and trade multiple documents, and to onboard new trading partners. Traditionally, data transformation and translation between retailers and suppliers is generally handled in lines of code. Before Orderful, setting up a new trading partner and managing EDI documents required many hours of code by an in-house, experienced technical resource. This inherently un-scalable requirement has been one of the key limiting factors to supplier growth for the last 30 years.

Now, Orderful offers IT teams a relief from managing the complexity of these EDI transactions, streamlining these processes for dozens of suppliers across the U.S. and Europe. The company takes care of all technical requirements surrounding EDI between suppliers and retailers, providing a pre-built data integration between any EDI transaction and ERP system. Orderful has enabled suppliers to shift away from managing these technical responsibilities, instead enabling business users at suppliers to create the rules and translation necessary for managing orders and onboarding new trading partners. “Orderful provides the power to create rules and translations in our frontend, so IT teams are not required to invest time and resources in EDI,” notes Kiser.


Unlike its competitors in the data integration market, Orderful provides a cloud SaaS solution that focuses only on EDI (EDI as a Service). Other applications can be compared to toolboxes that manage EDI and a lot more. However, the toolboxes are heavy in features and wide in scope. Orderful is a high precision tool that is dialed into EDI. Solving specific problems like tracking document flow, generating detailed alerts and having access to a customer-first support team are a few features that their focus brings.

Doppio aspires to be identified as a leader in EDI integrations. Their next step is to enter new ERP markets and create industry-specific offerings. To solidify Orderful as the market leader for EDI integrations, the Doppio team continues to focus on improving business for their customers. Kiser shares, “Customer service and satisfaction are most important to us. We will do whatever it takes to service our customers and ensure that they can achieve peace of mind with EDI. Our customers are in the business of supporting their customers, and we want to be a key driver of their success.”


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