An API Hub for EDI - the Future of EDI Data Trading

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Case Study

Companies continue to waste time and money through supply chain inefficiencies—but the emergence of an API hub for EDI is beginning to change the game. Rather than continuing to build custom integrations for each trading partner, companies can simply integrate their ERP system with an API hub for EDI and start trading with any partner that’s already connected to the hub.

The new reality of an API hub for EDI is already having a ripple effect across the supply chain—and throughout the world:

  • The days of building point-to-point integrations will soon be over.
  • Suppliers can save time by reusing all EDI guidelines, communication channels, and EDI requirements.
  • More efficient supply chains should lead to less waste and less CO2 consumption.

Orderful’s API hub for EDI automatically turns API calls into EDI data based on each trading partner’s requirements. In just three years, more than 1,000 major retailers, 5,000 carriers, and hundreds of 3PLs have connected.

M.R. Rangaswami of the Sand Hill Group recently interviewed Orderful’s CEO, Erik Kiser. Read the full article.


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