Darn Tough Accelerates Trading Partner Onboarding Through EDI Transformation

“Configuring EDI is so much easier with Orderful. With the rules engine, you can see all your mapping rules and look up tables in one interface. We have total control over every EDI transaction without needing to involve developers.”

Ryan Camerlengo,
ERP Business Analyst Manager Darn Tough Vermont

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< 24 HourEDI issue resolution time
ZeroInterruptions in service during migration
ZeroInterruptions in service during migration

Caraway Reduces Costs and Complexities with Orderful’s EDI Managed Services

“We recently added Home Depot to our network in just 10 days,” recalled Riskowitz. “Working with Orderful, we don’t see bottlenecks in our onboarding process anymore on the EDI front. Orderful has eliminated the complexity in figuring out what’s required to go live with each new partnership.”

Mark Riskowitz,
Vice President of Operations, Caraway

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30%Reduction in EDI costs
<10 Daysto onboard trading partners
1FTE to manage EDI

Sethmar Modernizes EDI Infrastructure and Enables Scaling at Speed

“Between Orderful’s network and their responsive, expert customer support staff, we have all the assistance we need to keep building relationships that boost our bottom line.”

Mike Tuley,
Vice President of Operations, Sethmar Transportation

Sethmar Transportation
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< 2 daysto configure EDI connections
Zero dollars spent on in-house EDI management resources
17trading partners onboarded with no EDI expert on staff

Shipwell Streamlines EDI Onboarding

“When it comes to building EDI connections, it’s essential to shave as many steps as possible off the process. Orderful helps us save time so that we can continue to provide the level of service we’ve become known for. “

Victor Garcia,
Senior Solutions Engineer, Shipwell.

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80+% Decrease in Onboarding Effort
ImmediateAccess to Testing and Validation
ZeroDelays in Revenue

Heartland Logistics Reduces Onboarding Time from 6 Months to 5 Days

“We have certain customers who have told us they won’t start giving us business until we have their EDI integration set up. In the past, that could mean months of zero revenue from that relationship as we worked to get the connection live. With Orderful, we’re up and running—and generating revenue—within a week.”

John Kuhlmann,
Heartland Logistics Group

Heartland Logistics
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5 DaysTo onboard new customer
100%Growth in Client Base
ZeroAdditional HeadCount

KBX Replaces Legacy EDI Solution with Orderful

“We chose Orderful largely because of how they’re thinking about the future of data exchange and architecture,” says Tracy Reiss, vice president, KBX Technology. “EDI has been around for a long time, but there are better ways of doing it. Orderful’s infrastructure and architecture convinced us that they have long-term viability.”

Tracy Reiss,
Vice President

KBX logo
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100%partner self-service onboarding
50%decrease in time to onboard
70%reduction in EDI onboarding efforts

EXO Freight Scales Operations with API for EDI

“Orderful is a game-changer in the way it makes EDI accessible to early stage companies like ours. Instead of purchasing a million-dollar system and then hiring pricey consultants to run it, we can pay a very reasonable fee to use an Orderful system that our business users can easily configure. It’s a no-brainer.”

Kris Tryber,
Co-Founder and CTO, EXO Freight

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1 Dayto onboard a new EDI trading partner
10 Daysto first order
2 Weeksfrom learning EDI to live transactions

NFI sets up new EDI trading partners in days

“With Orderful, we routinely set up new partners within four or five days. Much of that is because so many partners are already in Orderful’s network, which makes it easy to establish new connections. But some of that is due to customer responsiveness, which is better now because Orderful is so much easier to use.”

Pete Amico,
Project Manager

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< 5 daysTo onboard new trading partners
90%Reduction in onboarding time
30%Faster time to market with EDI trading partners

Grosfillex North America Slashes EDI Costs

“We had so many workstreams to transition in this project, but Orderful was the one we didn’t have to worry about. We also took comfort in knowing that Grosfillex wouldn’t have to have an EDI department now to manage their mappings because from now on, they could simply configure rules in Orderful.”

Denise Homan-Fuchs, PMO
Director, Doppio

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28%reduction in EDI costs overall
83%reduction in trading partner setup time
100%reduction in trading partner customizations

Fresh Water Systems gains real-time visibility into their EDI data

“Orderful has been a critical building block as our business grows and we continue to add more trading partners. The platform allows us to unlock access to data that we had no visibility into.”

Josh Sutphin,
IT Operations Engineer

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100%EDI compliance (no chargebacks)
64%reduction in # of 1:1 integrations
4 Weeksto go-live on Orderful

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