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Logistics businesses need real-time supply chain integrations to add new revenue sources, increase efficiencies, and improve the bottom line.


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EDI for Logistics

Logistics companies can drive growth by quickly expanding their integrated supply chain. Forward-thinking logistics companies are replacing their existing EDI environments with Orderful. Simplify your EDI infrastructure with Orderful and its pre-connected network of carriers, shippers, warehouses, brokers and freight forwarders. Once connected, you can immediately test and enable your supply chain.

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EDI FOR Logistics

Connect once to Orderful and unlock EDI trading with the world

EDI integration is a key enabler of digital transformation for many supply chains and will continue to be the standard.

While EDI trading has been very reliable and widespread, it has also been very costly/complex to set up and cumbersome to maintain. IT staff on both companies have to spend hours building and testing their EDI integrations. And every time a retailer changes its requirements, it means even more development and testing for both parties.

As a logistics provider, you are constantly reacting to the evolving needs of your customers. You are constantly changing your EDI environment.

Orderful lets you leverage the potential of EDI through modern technology. With Orderful’s Cloud EDI for logistics, you can connect once and trade with the network of carriers, shippers, warehouses, freight forwarders and brokers:

  • Connect once to our API for EDI.
  • Tap into our pre-connected supply chain network.
  • Reduce the amount of time spend on EDI.
  • Resolve issues in real-time.
  • Improve your bottom line.
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