Simplifying First-Time EDI for Pocket Socks' Retail Growth

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Business Challenge: From D2C to B2B

Evan T. Papel, the innovative entrepreneur behind Pocket Socks, has a rich history in the retail industry. After successfully running a direct-to-consumer (D2C) sock brand for over 20 years, Evan ventured into creating Pocket Socks—socks with a built-in pocket designed for secure storage of small items. This unique product quickly gained attention, including an appearance on Shark Tank, which helped solidify its market presence and appeal.

Despite their success in the D2C space, Pocket Socks faced new challenges when expanding into the B2B wholesale market. This transition required finding an EDI platform to efficiently trade data with large retail partners. However, the initial solutions suggested by their 3PL partner were prohibitively expensive, with quotes reaching up to $8,000—a significant barrier for a small team already stretched thin managing logistics, customer service, and warehouse operations.

Evan's journey with Pocket Socks and their need for an efficient EDI solution is a relatable story for other burgeoning brands aiming to penetrate the retail market. It underscores the importance of finding the right technology partners to overcome operational hurdles and achieve scalable growth.

The Solution: Intuitive Web EDI Experience

As a fast-growing brand breaking into retail, Pocket Socks needed a cost-effective, scalable, and user-friendly EDI solution. Evan, who describes himself as "kinda technical," needed a platform that he could manage without extensive IT support. This is where Orderful came into the picture. Orderful's modern EDI platform stood out due to its affordability, ease of use, and exceptional support. The platform promised a seamless integration process and the ability to quickly and efficiently manage EDI transactions, crucial for Pocket Socks' expansion plans.

“Orderful's exceptional support, especially the involvement of high-level management to expedite resolutions, really stood out to us. Their commitment to customer success gave us the confidence to navigate a first-time EDI implementation without worrying about prolonged downtime or unresolved issues.”

Evan T. Papel, Founder & CEO of Pocket Socks

Choosing Orderful

Orderful's Web EDI Fulfillment platform stood out as the best solution on the market for Pocket Socks. Several factors influenced their decision:

1. Predictable Pricing: Unlike other EDI solutions, Orderful provided a straightforward pricing plan that made it easy for Pocket Socks to anticipate EDI costs. This was crucial for a small team needing to manage expenses tightly.

2. User-Friendly Interface: Designed for users with varying levels of technical proficiency, Orderful's platform was intuitive and straightforward. Evan, who does not have a background with EDI," found the system easy to navigate and manage. He added “if you can use QuickBooks, you can use Web EDI Fulfillment”.

3. Scalability: Orderful's platform could grow with Pocket Socks, accommodating the increased volume and complexity of B2B transactions without requiring significant additional investment or technical expertise.

Empowering First-Time EDI Implementation

For a company like Pocket Socks, implementing EDI for the first time came with a steep learning curve. Orderful simplified this process through its Web EDI Fulfillment features, which allowed Pocket Socks to test and manage EDI transactions efficiently.

Key features included:

- Streamlined Data Entry: Orderful's system saved contact details for reuse, reducing the time spent on repetitive data entry. This feature was particularly beneficial for a small team with limited resources.

- Automated Document Creation: The platform automated the creation and sending of EDI documents, such as 850 Purchase Orders, 855 Purchase Order Acknowledgements, and 856 Advance Shipping Notices. This automation ensured quick and accurate transaction processing, minimizing errors and delays.

- Pre-Populated Data: By auto-mapping elements from one document to another, Orderful sped up document creation and reduced manual input errors. This feature was crucial in maintaining efficiency and accuracy in their operations.

- Guided Tracking and Compliance: Orderful provided comprehensive tracking capabilities, ensuring that Pocket Socks stayed compliant with retailer requirements. The platform's real-time validation engine checked data against trading partners' specific guidelines, highlighting any issues that needed addressing before submission.


Unmatched Customer Support

Evan noted that one of the standout aspects of Orderful’s platform was the rapid-response customer support. Whenever Pocket Socks encountered challenges, Orderful's support team was quick to intervene and provide solutions. Evan Papel praised the support saying, “Orderful's exceptional support, especially the involvement of high-level management to expedite resolutions, really stood out to us. Their commitment to customer success gave us the confidence to navigate a first-time EDI implementation without worrying about prolonged downtime or unresolved issues.”

"I'm not an EDI expert and only consider myself 'kinda technical,' but I found the system really easy to navigate and manage. If you can use QuickBooks, you can use Web EDI Fulfillment."

Evan Papel, Founder and CEO at Pocket Socks

The Results: Efficiency, Accuracy & Scalability


00Testing times cut from days to minutes.

01Zero disruptions in EDI transactions.

02Launched a mission critical EDI relationship in 10 days.

03Accelerating growth trajectories with new distribution channels

Orderful's automated processes and intuitive interface drastically reduced the time and effort required to manage EDI transactions. The ability to reuse saved contact details and pre-populated data minimized manual data entry, allowing Pocket Socks to focus on other critical aspects of their business. Additionally, the ability to manage multiple document types, such as purchase orders, acknowledgements, advance shipping notices, and invoices, all from a single platform, provides the flexibility needed to adapt to partner requirements.

Lastly, Orderful's always-on customer support was a game-changer for Pocket Socks. The prompt and effective assistance provided by Orderful's team, especially during critical moments, ensured that any issues were swiftly resolved. This level of support was instrumental in maintaining operational continuity and partner satisfaction.

Through their partnership with Orderful, Pocket Socks successfully navigated the complexities of EDI implementation, achieving enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and scalability. Orderful's modern EDI platform provided the tools and support necessary for Pocket Socks to thrive in the competitive retail market.

About Pocket Socks

Founded by innovative entrepreneur Evan T. Papel, Pocket Socks is a unique sock brand that combines style and functionality. Each pair of Pocket Socks features a built-in pocket, providing a secure and convenient way to carry small items. With over 20 years of experience in the sock industry and a successful appearance on ABC's The View, Pocket Socks has captured the hearts of customers who value both fashion and practicality.


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