Orderful, SaaS EDI platform raises $10 million

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Case Study

Supply Chain Digital wrote an article about our recent Series A funding from Andreessen Horowitz and the launch of our SaaS EDI platform. For decades, companies have built their own bespoke integrations, relying on EDI consultants and managed service providers to maintain their tangled web of integrations. The legacy technology powering these environments isn’t able to keep up with today’s supply chain. “The demand for immediacy in the supply chain is growing. For example, with Amazon and Walmart competing for the fastest parcel delivery experience for consumers, the pressure pushed down the supply chain forces suppliers to level up to these new delivery standards,” said Erik Kiser, Founder and CEO, Orderful.

Orderful’s API platform challenges traditional integration infrastructures and eliminates the need for companies to build point-to-point EDI integrations. We’re solving the EDI integration problem in an automated, transparent and scalable way.

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