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Business Challenge: Build or Partner?

Mastery Logistics Systems’ innovative transportation management system (TMS), MasterMind TMS, aims to connect the logistics industry with a cohesive cloud ecosystem.  The logistics sector's reliance on EDI (204s, 990s, 214s, etc.), presented a significant challenge. Mastery needed to rapidly onboard new trading partners and efficiently handle a growing volume of EDI transactions. 

The technology-first Mastery team had a difficult choice to make. Should they depart from their core product focus to develop an in-house EDI solution? Or could they find a modern EDI solution that was not only automated and scalable but also flexible enough to adapt to the evolving needs of the logistics industry?

The Solution: Modernizing EDI with Orderful

Mastery chose Orderful for its EDI integration, a decision driven by several key factors:

  • Rapid Onboarding: Trading partners could be onboarded in just a few days, streamlining the integration process.
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Orderful provides prompt issue resolution and expert EDI guidance, ensuring smooth operations.
  • Product Functionality: Orderful actively develops its platform based on customer feedback, enhancing product functionality.

JD, Vice President of Engineering at Mastery, summarized the impact succinctly: "Honestly, it just works. Which is what we want in an EDI platform."

This partnership allowed Mastery to focus on enhancing their offering by offloading the complexities of EDI integration to Orderful. The cloud-based EDI platform was seamlessly integrated into MasterMind TMS, enabling faster partner onboarding, enterprise-grade performance, and the flexibility to meet client-specific needs.

As a result, Mastery was able to concentrate on developing unique TMS features, addressing the specific challenges of logistics stakeholders, and ensuring smooth, efficient workflows. This strategic focus has empowered Mastery to attract new logistics clients across various industries, supported by Orderful’s robust architecture and reliable service level agreements (SLAs). This collaboration has enabled MasterMind TMS to deliver precise, seamless EDI transactions, significantly enhancing the user experience for their clients.

The Results: Enhancing Logistics Efficiency

Key Results

00Managed 50% higher transaction volume with less EDI resources

01Tender times cut from hours to minutes

02Zero disruptions in EDI transactions

03Launched 44 EDI relationships in 5 weeks

This integration allowed Mastery's clients to simplify their operations, focusing resources on enhancing client services. The direct control over EDI settings through Orderful's self-service platform meant clients could adjust workflows without waiting on support, demonstrating the system's ease and efficiency.

JD DeFauw, Mastery's VP of Engineering, praised Orderful's performance: “Orderful really does a good job of documenting their service levels and performance. Our clients are huge carriers, so their EDI performance is critical. Our EDI business partner had to be highly performant."

“Orderful really does a good job of documenting their service levels and performance. Our clients are huge carriers, so their EDI performance is critical. Our EDI business partner had to be highly performant."

JD DeFauw, Mastery's VP of Engineering

By leveraging Orderful's expertise in EDI integration, Mastery has been able to focus on refining its transportation management system, MasterMind TMS, leading to:

  • Streamlined Operations: MasterMind TMS’ integration with Orderful eliminates EDI bottlenecks, ensuring smooth, efficient workflows.
  • Focused Innovation: Free from the intricacies of EDI management, Mastery dedicates more resources to enhancing TMS features and usability.
  • Competitive Advantage: The partnership's focus on flexible, tailored EDI solutions positions Mastery's clients to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital economy.
  • Future-Ready Solutions: Together, Mastery and Orderful provide the foundation for scalable, resilient operations, preparing clients for the next wave of logistics innovation.

This strategic alignment not only simplifies complex EDI challenges but also propels Mastery's clients towards achieving operational excellence and securing a competitive edge in the global supply chain landscape.

About Mastery 

Mastery is partnering with enterprise carriers, shippers, and logistics companies to seamlessly connect their operations and deliver ever-evolving solutions on a single transportation management system. MasterMind® TMS enhances connectivity and visibility across all lines of business. Mastery empowers its clients to thrive in complexity and deliver on their commitments. Learn more at


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