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API for EDI Powering Your Supply Chain

Simplify your EDI landscape by connecting once to Orderful’s cloud EDI platform and eliminate the need for point-to-point integrations with your trading partners. Our cloud-native architecture modernizes your enterprise IT landscape and lets you onboard partners easily and quickly. The product is built for your users, bringing control and agility back to your supply chain operations.


Consolidate EDI Integrations

Orderful’s Cloud EDI Platform allows you to integrate your enterprise applications to Orderful once leveraging our easy-to-use canonical API. Orderful provides you with a payload structure for each transaction type consolidating the EDI requirements of all your partners, so that you can write master-data mappings.

Comprehensive EDI Transaction Types
Support for all Supply Chain EDI Transactions

Simple RESTful Canonical APIs
Easy to use from any iPaaS, middleware, or programming language

Automated JSON to X12 Transformation
Technology that does the heavy lifting


Supporting 300+
Transaction Types

Trade any transaction type with any trading partner leveraging our canonical API and our JSON data format. Our JSON interface can be converted to any EDI format and version so that you can connect once and build a master-data mapping regardless of your partner’s EDI format and version. Once connected, our platform validates and converts your JSON data into the required EDI format automatically.


Self-service Your Supply Chain Onboarding

Trading partner onboarding and testing times are significantly reduced by our network of pre-connected trading partners. Our network is growing every day with each new customer coming on board. As the network continues to grow, everyone benefits because you can immediately interact with those partners on the network by reusing their pre-configuration we have on our network:

Digital EDI Guidelines
Guidelines of the trading partner are already published on Orderful. These are the EDI requirements we use for your real-time automated EDI data validation.

Pre-configured Communication Channels
Connections to your trading partners are already configured. We support all the major communication channels: HTTP, Poller, AS2, SFTP, FTP, and VAN.

Digital Testing Scenarios
Testing scenarios of the trading partner are already published on our network. They are the testing requirements to guide you during the testing phase with your partners.


Real time EDI data compliance

Orderful’s cloud EDI platform validates your data in real-time against your trading partner’s requirements before sending a transaction. The ability to proactively detect validation issues significantly accelerates initial onboarding & testing as well as avoids chargebacks.

Validate EDI data in real-time


Fix your invalid transactions with a simple rule

What used to take days or weeks to resolve now takes minutes. Orderful’s cloud EDI platform takes away the complexity of EDI integrations and brings back supply chain control to your organization by making it simple to fix data errors in real-time.

Create simple rules to fix errors

EDI Dashboard
Built-in reporting for EDI transactions and health-checks

Alerts & Notifications
User notification of incoming or outgoing EDI exceptions

Error Analysis
Visualize and understand guideline validations

EDI PrintView
Visualize data is an easy to understand/business friendly way

Rules Editor
Define transformation rules with easy to use excel-like macros

Smart Functions
Library of rich functions encapsulating commonly used EDI transformations

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