EDI Software Trends: The Future of EDI

EDI has been a staple for B2B communication for decades. Where’s it headed? What does the future hold?

SelectHub has written an article on this topic. They interviewed half a dozen EDI thought leaders, including Orderful’s CEO.

Some key takeaways from the article are:

  • Large companies are considering moving to in-house EDI processing due to complexity.
  • Small businesses continue to grapple with supplier demands as new technology proliferates.
  • An estimated 95% of EDI requires custom code, leading to high maintenance costs and a movement towards a common API.
  • The EDI market is expected to reach $5.9 billion by the year 2025, but is aging rapidly, leading to an IT skills shortage.
  • Up to 41 percent of companies don’t use EDI, but the PEPPOL protocol could change that.

To read the full article, click here.


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