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Do you have the bandwidth to manage your EDI integrations?

This series of blog posts looks at the unnecessary costs associated with your EDI implementation and how you can cut back on these costs with Orderful’s Cloud EDI Platform.

A key question you may want to ask yourself is, do you have the bandwidth to manage all of your EDI integration points?

Building and maintaining a complex web of integrations out to each of your trading partners typically involves hiring an EDI consultant, working with an expensive middleware or translator package, or an in-house team of EDI experts to manage endless lines of code.

The Complex Web of EDI Integrations

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, you’re building or managing your own custom point-to-point integrations. Creating this integration environment is not only challenging, but it’s expensive.

If you’re new to EDI and are trying to start doing business with a number of trading partners, you need to build individual integrations out to each partner. Or, if your EDI implementation is already set up and you’re simply trying to add a new trading partner or transaction, that too will require a new custom point-to-point integration to be built. What are the chances that the trading partner you’re trying to connect with will be ready to go when you are? The odds are pretty low.

When you’re setting up a new EDI integration, you’re often at the mercy of your trading partner. What’s really challenging is the communication between organizations, and lining up schedules so that the company and supplier can actually start trading data. Traditionally, for every connection you build, a human being on either end has to run tests to make sure the data is transmitted correctly. Whether you’re trying to coordinate connection testing or send an initial EDI test transaction, this process can take weeks or months of going back and forth.

Streamline Your EDI Environment

Orderful eliminates the need to manage onboarding or build custom point-to-point integrations. We consolidate all your EDI integrations into one API, giving you one common endpoint to communicate with.

You no longer have to manage a complex and brittle web of custom integrations or try to figure out how to build to your trading partner requirements on your own. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for buyers and suppliers in the supply chain to trade EDI data. Once a customer is enabled on our platform, we can onboard all their trading partners. The customer also benefits from our growing network of trading partners with pre-codified implementation guidelines, pre-configured communication channels, and pre-established testing requirements. This means quicker enablement so you can immediately trade supply chain data with anyone in the network.

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