3 Reasons Why Orderful Simplifies Your ERP EDI Integration

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ERP ecosystems themselves are complex

Organizations are under considerable pressure to remain agile and modernize their tech infrastructure. As part of their broader IT strategy, companies must adopt technology advances to keep up with the evolving business landscape. When changing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, IT executives havethe opportunity to rethink their business operations. From increasing revenue to incremental improvements in business processes, a connected IT landscape serves as the foundation for a successful business.

ERP ecosystems themselves are complex. Simply imagine the process of changing ERP systems and then having to reintegrate with an EDI system. These structural changes are often a headache when dealing with legacy EDI environments. However, the right ERP EDI integration enables organizations to transform critical business functions. Today’s IT leaders have the opportunity to adopt a modern cloud EDI software that seamlessly connects with their ERP system.

Thinking about changing your ERP system? Here are the top three benefits of how Orderful reduces complexity and simplifies your EDI rollover.

ERP EDI Integration – One to Many Connectivity

If you’ve built hundreds or thousands of custom EDI integrations and you change ERP systems, legacy EDI providers will require you to rebuild all your custom integrations. This is not only time consuming, but costly. With a modern EDI platform like Orderful, you simply connect once to our API and consolidate all your point-to-point integrations into one integration per transaction type. Our team of EDI experts ingests all your ERP data and formats it to your trading partners’ requirements. With Orderful there are fewer connections, making it easier to roll over to a new ERP.

Speed of Implementation

Our team takes all the production data, you’re sending and receiving, from your legacy ERP system and posts a carbon copy into our platform. All of the data is mapped to our schema, which follows the X12 industry standard. This process takes most legacy EDI providers weeks, if not months to map out. With Orderful, once you send us your EDI data we can have it in our platform and begin mapping it to your new ERP right away.

API Architecture

Once connected to our API you have an immediate channel to send and receive transactions via a REST endpoint. With some EDI providers, once you hand them your data it operates in a black box. Orderful is the only EDI provider with a restful endpoint that’ll provide you with EDI data based on the X12 standard. Customers can pull from the API into their ERP to achieve near real-time data transmission. Our platform offers granular control and transparency into your data.

If you’re interested in learning how Orderful can make your ERP EDI integration easier, get in touch with our team today.

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