Trade Smarter with a Better EDI Provider

Everyone hates the complexity of setting up and maintaining EDI connections. But everyone relies on EDI to transmit their transactional data. Orderful is an EDI provider that’s on a mission to make EDI simpler, cheaper, and better for companies like yours.

The Orderful cloud EDI solution helps bring EDI and B2B data trading into the modern age. Our platform handles millions of EDI and B2B transactions each month for customers ranging from Fortune 500 to startups.

Orderful has finally removed the technical complexities of data trading. For your business, that means instant trading partner enablement, less code to maintain, and lower costs.

Our vision is to make it easy for retailers and vendors to trade data together. We’re creating a community of companies that want to be more efficient, access valuable data, and trade smarter. What are you waiting for? Get the benefits of working with a cloud EDI provider today.


Erik Kiser
Founder and CEO

Erik has been working in the EDI and B2B data trading space for almost a decade. Early in his career, when he began building custom EDI integrations for vendors, he was exposed to the challenges that companies face as they trade data.

In 2013, Erik started a consulting firm focused on improving EDI and B2B data trading for vendors. He quickly realized that solving the problem with more custom software wasn’t the right long-term solution for customers. So in 2016, Erik set out to build the software product he always wanted as a developer: a solution that can be used as a network, provide one place to manage all unique third-party requirements, and deliver valuable insights and analytics along with EDI data.

Erik founded Orderful to make data trading easy for the world. His passion for making EDI trading easy has driven the company to build the world’s leading cloud EDI solution.