Interstate Warehouse
EDI Transactions

Orderful supports the EDI transactions required by Interstate Warehouse. We'll help your business become compliant with Interstate Warehouse EDI implementation guidelines. We operate a fast growing supply chain network of retailers, manufacturers, 3PLs, carriers, and distributors that are pre-connected to our Cloud EDI Platform and have pre-codified implementation guidelines, pre-configured communication channels, and pre-established testing requirements.

Currently supported transactions with Interstate Warehouse

944Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt AdviceOUTBOUND
945Warehouse Shipping AdviceINBOUND

We onboard your trading partners at no charge to you or the partners
Orderful Network continues to expand as we onboard new customers and their supply chain networks. We also continue to support new transaction types for the companies already on our network. If you did not find your trading partner or the supported transaction type, Orderful will onboard them for no additional charge to you or the partner.


Future-Proofing Your EDI Infrastructure


No More EDI Mappings

Connect once to our API and we’ll validate, translate and communicate your EDI data.


Fastest Trading Partner Onboarding

Shorten the testing feedback loop. Real-time data validation against your trading partner guidelines.


Reduce Your EDI Costs

Replace your legacy infrastructure and reduce your time spent on enabling and managing trading partners.


Work with EDI Experts

Our team is made up of EDI veterans. We’re here to solve your EDI problems for good.


Complex 1:1 Integrations

Hundreds and thousands of point-to-point partner integrations


Long Onboarding Times

Partner requirements gathering and testing iterations take a long time


EDI Non-Compliance

Hard to stay in compliance with partner guidelines resulting in chargebacks


Very Slow Issue Resolution

Poor visibility into EDI exceptions and long resolution times


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